I have been really quiet this year. I haven’t photographed car feature for 2014 & it’s already well into September… I’ve done one video and haven’t gotten to editing it yet… But I haven’t been doing nothing.
It’s been about 9 months since I’ve started shooting with Ms Paula Bee. I have been really quite about this until now because it’s been something I’ve been working at slowly but surely BTS. This has taken me out of my comfort zone completely. Shooting cars and shooting people is very different and the difference is what got me good…

For those who don’t know, Ms Paula Bee is an up & coming fashion blogger. She needed a photographer and I wanted to shoot more than just cars. We started out as the blind leading the blind and just tried to make things work. I only “knew” cars and cars didn’t blink or pull their faces funny. lol. I was terrible at communicating and directing during shoots. Any usable shots were pure luck. Since then, I’ve gotten better (I think) and it’s been a good comfortable platform for me to learn and develop my photography.

These are some of my favourite images and I’ve laid them out in this post to show our progress from our first shoot, to where we are currently at.