Behind the scenes SnS 30

I’ve been waiting for this Speed & Sound magazine to drop for the longest time. Because I’m primarily online based, I expected the magazine to be on the shelves the following month… Well I was sadly mistaken. It takes about 3 months from the photoshoot to the magazine hitting the shelves. It’s finally here & I’ve been itching to do a behind the scenes look of the shoot.

Behind the scenes SnS 3

I was invited because I BMX & it was a look the photographer wanted. I was told that we would just be posing and acting natural. I can’t do any of those things but I was down to see what exactly goes into shooting a magazine feature. Things started off very weird for me. Because I do automotive features for Casual Society, I know that location is the biggest headache. The initial location in Athlone just threw me off completely. I would never shoot a car there, ever… But this just got me very excited to see what magic using speed lights would produce. The images are very dramatic. My images is a total contrast to the mag’s. It just “happened”.

Behind the scenes SnS 4Things kick off with the usual prep. Removing of number plates, getting the last bits and bobs cleaned up, etc. Tauriq Ajam from Capestance was very hands on in this feature because Zahir the owner of car was injured in a soccer match. Tauriq was basically reliving his Honda shoot from 2011.

Behind the scenes SnS 5

Seeing the car on these very pink wheels was refreshing after seeing it on it’s daily wheels for a while… OZ Turbo’s… Lucky car.Behind the scenes SnS 6
Behind the scenes SnS 8

The photographer Riyaad at work. Was great meeting this guy. I learnt a lot by just observing him in action.
Behind the scenes SnS 7

Only after reading the specs of the car in the magazine did I realise what was done to the motor. Since the stance revolution, no one talks about motor mods anymore. Seeing & hearing this car being driven properly was fantastic.
Behind the scenes SnS 9 Behind the scenes SnS 10 Behind the scenes SnS 11

My first time seeing Zahir’s other car, the Audi 100 after it got a lot lower. Qbeams did good work. Qbeams pulled through with some 20SK8 guys for the shoot too.
Behind the scenes SnS 14Behind the scenes SnS 12 Behind the scenes SnS 13

Super neat trunk instal by Outlaw Airworx. Rockford sound just finish it off nicely.Behind the scenes SnS 15

We got chased away from the previous location by the police because a permit was needed to shoot there professionally. Thankfully! We moved to the Vangate mall parking lot. It was better in every regard.Behind the scenes SnS 16

Cars and skating. It really gets me pumped. Behind the scenes SnS 17 Behind the scenes SnS 18

Tauriq’s 35 GTI rolling static. I cannot get enough of this car. It’s so simple. Less is more… Behind the scenes SnS 19 Behind the scenes SnS 20

This is an interesting photo for me. That is probably the least comfortable place to sit against a car but she did this all on her own. Made for a decent photo I’d say.
Behind the scenes SnS 21

This was the highlight of the shoot for me. Rolling Shots! Seeing it get shot and now seeing the final product is awesome. I really really really need a rig in my life.

Behind the scenes SnS 23Behind the scenes SnS 22 Behind the scenes SnS 24 Behind the scenes SnS 25 Behind the scenes SnS 26

The 20SK8 guys really live to skate. They sessioned throughout the entire shoot. Oh and they love posing too. Behind the scenes SnS 27 Behind the scenes SnS 28 Behind the scenes SnS 29

It was great to be a part of this shoot. It was good fun. Hope you enjoyed my behind the scenes look. I held back a bit because I don’t think Speed & Sound or Riyaad would be happy with me disclosing camera equipment in detail. Don’t forget to grab a copy of the mag. 9 pages worth of this goodness.